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Recipient of the 2024 Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award - Second Place.

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In the 2016 United States presidential election, a candidate who became the 45th president built his entire campaign and presidency upon anti-immigrant and anti-Latiné rhetoric, a rhetoric embraced by his political party and supporters, which amplified and reanimated racism in the United States. Although previous studies have highlighted the impact of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, most of the studies focused on border states with minimal research on the impact of the recent 45 era. In addition, experiences of undocumented/DACAmented students are understudied, specifically the experiences of male students (Salinas et al., 2019). The purpose of this qualitative narrative inquiry study was to explore the mental health of Iowa undergraduate undocumented/ DACAmented Latino men and their help-seeking behaviors, given the rise in anti-Latiné and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies during the 45 era, through testimonios. Findings suggested the constant attack on DACA and anti-immigrant policies proposed and enforced by 45 and his administration had a negative impact on the mental health of Iowa undergraduate undocumented/DACAmented Latino men. Findings from this study suggested the intersections of culture, family, and male identity aided in help-seeking behaviors for undocumented/DACAmented Latino men, and undocumented status posed systemic financial barriers to seeking assistance. Discussion, conclusion, and implications are presented based on the findings for research, policy, and practice in higher education.

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2024 Award

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Doctor of Education


Department of Educational Psychology, Foundations, and Leadership Studies

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David Schmid, Chair, Dissertation Committee

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