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Plates, Iron and steel; Iron founding; Iron -- Additives; Silicon carbide;


Pre-inoculation effect of SiC additions and its effect on castability, microstructure, and magnesium recovery in thin wall ductile iron plates have been studied. Experimental results were compared with alternative FeSi75 furnace pre-inoculation additions.

The first series of experiments aimed to set the baseline of iron quality, when using FeSi75 pre-inoculant

In the second series of experiment, different methods of introduction of Sic into liquid iron were studied. It was established that Sic added into the stream during the tapping into the flow-through chamber or added directly into the flow-through chamber produced lower Si recovery. The most effective method of introduction of Sic was found to put all of the Sic into the furnace before tapping.

In the third series of experiments, pre-inoculation effect of Sic as a furnace addition has been investigated. Obtained results showed that the residual magnesium and magnesium recovery are much higher in the heats utilizing sic. Thin wall ductile iron plates pre-inoculated with Sic or FeSi75 and treated with standard addition of FeSiMg showed higher nodule count in comparison with those heats pre-inoculated with SiC, but treated with reduced additions of FeSiMg. It was found that in all plates pre-inoculated with Sic percentage of pearlite was higher in comparison with plates pre-inoculated with FeSi75. The heats where Sic was used as furnace pre-inoculant with reduced FeSiMg additions showed the best castability and the lowest percentage of iron carbides.

The future studies will emphasize at investigation of dissolution of sic as furnace, flow-through reaction chamber, and ladle additions with finer mesh, and will attempt to study pre-inoculation effect of Sic combined with the late inoculation: in-mold or in-filter.

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Master of Arts


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Yury S. Lerner, Chair


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