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Citizenship Education; Elementary Secondary Education; Social Sciences; Social Studies


The overall goal of the social studies program of the Malcolm Price Laboratory School (Cedar Falls; Iowa) is to develop reflective citizens who manifest citizenship perspectives and competencies; while using cognitive processes and skills; to investigate society and social issues through courses and units drawn from the social sciences. This curriculum guide discusses each element of this overall goal and presents the social studies curriculum by discussing what is done at each grade level. Skills to be developed; cognitive processes involved; units to be studied; as well as teaching methods to be employed are among the topics covered at each level. The titles of the social studies courses or programs that comprise the curriculum are: (nursery/kindergarten) my world; (grade one) social science processes; (grades two and three) social science disciplines; (grade four) regional geography; (grade five) American and Iowa history; (grade six) world studies; (grade seven) American studies; (grade eight) world geography; (grade nine) world history; (grade ten) U.S. history; (grades eleven and twelve) global insights; United States government; economics; sociology; psychology; interactive communication simulations; and law related education. (DB)


Malcolm Price Laboratory School

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