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This package contains four components designed to help elementary or business education teachers teach keyboarding to elementary students. The keyboarding program described in these materials consists of three phases: Phase I--learn the keyboard; basic function keys; technique and confidence; Phase II--review the keyboard and technique; language arts application; introduction to composition and proofreading; and Phase III--quick review of keyboard and technique; creating; editing; and printing; and computer terminology. This package contains (1) an inservice guide for business teachers and elementary teachers that provides suggestions for introducing and implementing a keyboarding program; (2) a teacher's guide; with a day-by-day lesson plan for a six-week course in keyboarding that could be used in Phase I and for review; (3) Appendix A; with supplemental materials such as suggestions for implementation; sample letters to parents; visual keyboard; sample name card; activity suggestions; activity sheets; technique check list; glossary of computer terms; certificate and good work awards; and picture of a "computer bug"; and (4) Appendix B; which contains references for software; textbooks; and a bibliography of articles that relate to keyboarding. (KC)


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©1985 Jack C. Reed, John Kidney, Nancy Moen, Linda Burke, and Marilee Smith



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