Undergraduate Student Work


This collection contains works written by undergraduate students in the Department of Political Science at the University of Northern Iowa. All student works require department, unit, or individual faculty approval before they are posted to UNI ScholarWorks.


Submissions from 2015


Diagnosing an international health crisis: A structural exploration of Ebola 2014, Maddison Zayn Jansen

Submissions from 2014


The impact of self-objectification on political efficacy: does self-image affect feelings of political adequacy, Victoria M. Hurst


Variation in state funded student grant programs: political and economic influences, KaLeigh Karr White

Submissions from 2010


The hidden power of the caucus: The impact of early caucuses/primaries on youth voter turnout, Mary Jo Halder

Submissions from 2008


The Iowa caucuses: Effects of presidential campaigns on state politicians, Amy Kathleen Meyers