Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017

Achieving and Maintaining Flow During Practice and Performance, Jenna Klein

Beatbox Partita a la Carté, Azeem Ward

Events from 2016

Blango—A Duo for Two Trombones, Michael Dickerson, Paul Lichty, and Seth Nordin

Original Works for Soprano and Bass Clarinet, Stacia Fortune and Lucas Petersen

Scherzo No. 3 in C sharp Minor, Op. 39 by Frederic Chopin, Melody Kosobucki

Eve-Song, An Old Story with New Eyes, Michelle Monroe and Robin Guy

Estelle Liebling: A Biographical and Pedagogical Survey, Haley Steele

Events from 2015

16 June 2013—The Difference Between a Harp and a Piano, Michael Dickerson

Klänge der Heimat, Die Fledermaus by J. Strauss, Katherin Kneisley and Seth Butler

Julie-O by Mark Summer, Mara Miller

Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson by Aaron Copland, Michelle Monroe and Dyan Meyer

The Reimagined Baroque Flute, Natalie Neshyba and Amel Christy

On the Account of Abraham Panther: A Captive Narrativity, Brian Pals

Selections from Bach’s 6th Cello Suite, Nichelle Probst

Je dis que rien ne m'épouvante" from Carmen by Georges Bizet, Marie Sorenson and Mariko Morita