Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017

Spatial Competition in Airport Markets: An Application of the Huff Model, Joel Heilman

A Multiscale Assessment of Wind Energy Resources and Suitability in the Russian Arctic, Narmnina Iusubova

Estimating Fluxes of Energy and Evapotranspiration with an Unmanned Aircraft System in Ames, Iowa, Athila Gevaerd Montibeller

Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing of Water Temperature Fluctuations Using an Unmanned Aerial System, Aurora Oestensen, Cai He, and Travis Gerrish

Thermal Remote Sensing of Jensen Lake: Investigating Spatial Heterogeneity of Water Surface Temperature, Aaron Padilla, David Jensen, and Jacob Sundholm

Socio-economic Impacts of International Tourism on a Local Community: A Case Study of the Town of Malindi, Kilifi County, Kenya, Peterson Wambuu

The New North: Patents and Knowledge Economy in Alaska, Salma Zbeed

Events from 2016

Analyzing Winter Migration of Wild Taimyr Reindeer Using Historical Census Data and Satellite Telemetry, Emily T. Francis


Natural Disasters and Disaster Preparedness at Universities: A Case Study at the University of Northern Iowa, Garrett Jepsen

Analysis of the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Wildfire Activity in the Tundra Biome Using MODIS Data, Arif Masrur

When Life Changes. Life Outside the Classroom: A Study of International Students at the University of Northern Iowa, Peterson Wambuu

Events from 2015

Analyzing Winter Activities of Wild Taimyr Reindeer Using Argos Satellite Collars, Emily Francis


Spatiotemporal Analysis of Wildfire Activity in the Tundra Biome Using MODIS Data (2000-2014), Arif Masrur

Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Phosphorus in the Cedar River Watershed of Iowa, USA, Sushil Tuladhar