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Education--Corrupt practices;


Public education is a key civil institution, and its functions have important implications for the well-being and development any modern society. But as a public institution, it is not free from crime and corrupt influence, especially in areas dealing with monetary exchange. Much research has been conducted looking at corruption, but investigations and analyses specifically concerned with corruption in education are sparse. Inquiries into the state of corruption in the former Soviet bloc and China are present but research into the United States’ situation has hitherto been neglected. Reliable data must first be identified before such analyses can take place. While previous research has used media accounts and perception-based indices, this paper embarks upon looking at a previously unused data source. Through this examination, the data source is critically assessed. This paper points out complications dealing with language, structure, maintenance, and organization. These complications are not meant to call for a dismissal of the data source. Rather, the data presents unique information, which is and would be key to understanding and analyzing the current and historical situation of corruption within the United States’ public education sector. As a result, policy recommendations are made on how it might better serve the public, research, and policy communities. These recommendations take the form of addressing the format and presentation of the data sources’ work. Establishing a well-refined source of data is fundamental for further inquiry into this topic of research and making well-informed policy decisions.

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Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

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Qingli Meng


UNI ScholarWorks, Rod Library, University of Northern Iowa


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