Annual Graduate Student Symposium



Events from 2017


Current Practices of Co-Teaching in an Elementary Inclusive School: Moving Toward Effective Co-Teaching Relationship, Mona Al Nassir Open Access Poster Presentation

Understanding Parental Participation in IEP Meetings, Caroline Elser Poster Presentation

Events from 2016


Roles and Responsibilities of Paraprofessionals in Creating Inclusive Communities: A Three Dimensional Perspective, Shehreen Iqtadar Open Access Oral Presentation

Events from 2015


Teachers’ Interaction with a Young Child with ASD to Support Language and Communication Skills Development: Comparing iPad and non-iPad Use, Saeed Almalki Open Access Oral Presentation


1:1 Technology Programs Impact on Iowa Schools, Kong Chen, Palmer Scott, Noor Albayat, Ghader Albayat, and Danielle Stubbs Open Access Poster Presentation