UNI REAP Apprenticeship Program Documents


This is a collection of works by students participating the U.S. Army Education Outreach Program (AEOP) Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program (REAP) at the University of Northern Iowa.


Events from 2019


Does Preparation Method Affect Size-Type Distribution in Bacteriophage Population Images?, Annissa Ferero and Michael Walter

Silylation Using a Zinc Catalyst, Rodney Wallace, Victoria Williams, and Robert Martin Chin

Lego Mindstorms as Alternative Scientific Instrumentation, Emma Yarrow and Joshua Sebree

Submissions from 2018


Mass Analysis of Ballistic Electron Spectra, Willie Brown and Andrew Stollenwerk Open Access Undergraduate Student Work


The Effects of Varying Nitrogen Amounts on the Growth and Leaf Morphology of Cattail Species, Anissa Forero and Kenneth J. Elgersma Open Access Undergraduate Student Work


Relationships Between Fluvial Ecosystems and the Iowan Erosion Surface, Lilian Heinzel and Chad E. Heinzel Open Access Undergraduate Student Work