Volume 80, Number 2 (1973)

Issue cover date: June 1973

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Dibenzo (g,p) chrysene: A Challenging Experiment in Organic Synthesis p. 45-49
Robert E. Buckles, Arthur Serianz, and David Naffziger


Parkinson's Disease, Amantadine Hydrochloride Therapy and Dopa Metabolites p. 56-58
Dee Edward Silver, J. I. Routh, A. L. Sahs, and Richard Anderson


Interaction of 2,4-D, Ethephon and Morphactin on Pepper and Zinnia p. 72-73
M. LeRon Robbins and Charles H. Sherwood


Groundwater Flow Patterns of the Ames Aquifer p. 103-110
R. R. van der Ploeg, Don Kirkham, and L. V. A. Sendlein

Science Education

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