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It has been long known that the males of most species of Collembola bear a specialized genital plate surrounding the gonopore. In some groups, such as the Isotomidae and Hypogastruridae, this structure has been useful in making taxonomic distinctions while in the Entomobryidae and related families this organ has been largely ignored. The reasons for this are many but are primarily concerned with the difficulties of examination of this organ in the entomobryids where the whole body is densely covered with large setae and/or scales. In addition to this the organ itself is often extremely small and so complicated that it is difficult to puzzle out its exact structure. These facts, combined with the scarcity of adult males in many entomobryids, have resulted in almost total ignorance of the organ in this group. This is extremely unfortunate for several reasons. First the structure of this organ in entomobryiform collembola is more varied than in any other group. Second, the structure of this organ is extremely valuable in the taxonomy of many forms. This partial survey of the structure of this organ is made in the hope that it will call attention to its possible taxonomic uses and facilitate future work upon it.

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