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Clinical tests have received widespread acceptance as tools for predicting and assessing human potentialities. A casual review of the testing area reveals the existence of a large number and variety of such instruments. In the use of tests, the counselor is the common denominator-he is the one who clarifies, interprets and makes recommendations to the counselee. Sherman (1) found that experienced clinicians, using Kuder profiles, could more accurately predict curricular appropriateness in the physical and biological sciences than in English. Appropriateness is defined as grade point average. If a student gets a higher grade point average in English than chemistry, English is considered more appropriate than chemistry. Berdie's (2) study indicates that there is a high reliability coefficient between the counselor's original statement of vocational appropriateness and a later prediction of appropriateness for the same counselee based on unidentified case folders. Goche (3) found significant differences between some of the sub-scales of the Kuder Preference Record (form CH), Guilford Martin Temperament Traits (GAMIN), Guilford Temperament Traits (STDCR) and first quarter college grade point average in the statistical prediction of attrition and survival of students in engineering training. A discriminant function was developed to determine the contribution of each of the significant variables to the prediction equation of students classified as survival. This point will be brought out more fully later in this study. The purpose of this study is to determine the accuracy of subjective judgments in making predictions of success and failure of students in engineering training.

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