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That indices of mental ability alone do not predict scholastic achievement adequately is a well-known fact. It would seem a reasonable hypothesis, then, that non-intellective influences, notably motivation or interest, are operative. This being the case, consideration of a measure of interest along with the more customary employment of some measure of academic aptitude could be hoped to enhance prediction of scholastic success. Further, selection only on the basis of ability to complete the curriculum is a short-sighted goal for administrators, especially in professional curricula such as Veterinary Medicine. They might well be equally concerned about choosing those students who will be compatible with the requirements of veterinary medicine upon graduation and subsequent entry into actual practice. A high degree of interest in veterinary medicine is probably necessary for satisfaction and stability in the vocation. Thus the utilization of a measure of interest would be an aid in vocational counseling even though it may prove to be statistically unrelated to scholastic success. Investigation of the stability of interests is also of importance to the fields of student selection and counseling, for if interests tend to undergo major changes with training and/or the passage of time, selection or counseling based upon such measures can have little or no validity.

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