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On a certain evening in November, 1915, a group of six mathematics teachers had supper together in a small restaurant in downtown Des Moines. As I remember the group, it consisted of Professors Smith, Baker, and Reilly of the State University, Professor Neff of Drake, Professor Wester of State Teachers, and myself. Since we had all been attending the discussions in the Iowa Education Association, we very naturally fell to conversing about the problem of mathematics teaching at the university and college level. We all felt that the programs of the State Teachers Association, as it was then named, left a good deal to be desired when it came to the problems peculiar to the "college" teacher. When someone, probably Professor A. G. Smith, suggested that what was needed was a new organization which would concern itself with the subject matter of the college field, we all agreed enthusiastically. We finally parted after agreeing that each one in his own sphere would endeavor to rouse sufficient interest in such a new organization that in the near future we might hope to see our desire turned into reality. I am sorry to say that of this group but two remain* ; and I regret very much that Professor Neff is unable to be at this meeting to give his own recollections of that informal gathering which proved so pleasant and profitable to us all.

*Within the state of Iowa, I have been informed that Professor Wester is at present living on the Pacific Coast.

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