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Hypnotic suggestion that the subject was celebrating her seventh birthday resulted in certain changes in vision to be shown in the table below. The subject is the wife of the junior author of this article, Mrs. Duane Black. She is a healthy, intelligent young woman, seventeen years of age, married about two years and the mother of one child. She completed two years of high school. As a child she was considered precocious. Her eyesight was defective from early childhood, but she began wearing glasses only in her twelfth year. She was then in the eighth grade. Her unaided vision for distance is now extremely poor, as the table shows. The table also shows that strong glasses have more than compensated for the defect. Mr. and Mrs. Black have carried on informal experiments in hypnosis for some time. Mr. Black has been particularly successful in inducing age regression. In a recent experiment he noted that when the subject had regressed to childhood, she found that her glasses not only diminished what vision she had but were annoying and even painful. This led to an investigation of changes in vision. Crude experiments at home indicated an improvement in vision that became more marked as the subject regressed to earlier and earlier age levels. Mr. Black was unable to produce any such improvement by direct suggestion which did not involve the regression.

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