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During the summer of 1940 the writer with six students had an opportunity to study in the vicinity of Dubuque, certain nesting habits of the smooth, brown, soft-shell turtle Amyda mutica. The river was low during June and early July, offering ideal conditions for study when the sandbars and sandy shore lines were exposed. These are the most favorable nesting grounds of Amyda mutica. Since the conditions for field study were so favorable in this locality, it was decided that before the close of the next breeding season more thorough observations would be made. Unfortunately the river remained high until after the close of the 1941 nesting season. With the aid of a grant from the Iowa Academy and a like sum from the University of Dubuque, plans were made for a continuation of the observations during the season of 1942. An assistant was employed and observation stations set up with convenient blinds. However, the Mississippi again remained out of its banks covering most of the more favorable observation grounds. The same unfortunate river condition existed in June of 1943, but sufficient material has been assembled during the three seasons to justify a brief report on these observations.

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