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As long ago as 1825 the Italian anatomist, R. Lippi, published a paper on “Illustrazioni fisiologiche e patologiche del sistems linfalico-chilifero mediante la scoperta di un gran numbero di comunicazioni de esso col venoso” in which he brought out the fact that the lymphatics not only connect with the veins at the Jugulo-subclavian juncture but also join the Inferior Vena Cava and Portal vein. 49. Mites affecting-According to the plan of nature animals are compelled either directly or indirectly to lay under tribute the plant world in order to obtain food; and so completely have they done so that it is doubtful if any, among the many thousands of species of the latter, are exempt from attack. 50. Odonata of Iowa-Iowa Odonata have not been given their due consideration in entomological records of the state. The few articles that have been written dealing with these insects as they occur within the state have been very local in nature. It is the purpose of this paper to list those species that have been recorded in the past and to give new records that have been obtained during the writer's recent collecting trips. In each case the locality, date, and collector's name are given, where those are known. It was during the summer of 1916, while acting as insect collector for the Department of Zoology at Iowa State College, that the writer did most of his collecting, and it was then that he had many opportunities to notice species of this order in their natural habitats.

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