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The biological atmosphere is pregnant with ideas regarding species and their evolution. We are brought face to face with the "fluctuation" view of Darwin and the more recent one of "discontinuous variation" of Bateson, later called "fluctuation" by de Vries. Pangenesis has received prominent attention in the discussions regarding evolution; and Weismann formerly thought that germinal selection accounted for all evolution though, in his recent work in two volumes, he admits that conditions of environment may affect the soma when acting continuously through many generations. Another extreme view is that expressed by Jordan in a recent number of "Science", to the effect that isolation plays a part in the evolution of every species. De Vries has not told us that his “mutation theory” accounts for all evolution of species, but he says, “systemic and physiological facts seem to indicate the existence of universal laws, and it is not probably that the process of production of new species would be different in the various parts of the animal and vegetable kingdoms.” 12. Notes on the discomycete-The following is a list of a number of species of Discomycetes (including Hysterineae) collected during the last year, which have not been reported in previous papers, also a few notes on other species. This paper is a continuation of the one published in the last volume of the Proceedings of the Iowa Academy of Science, and the number preceding each description is the herbarium number of the species described.

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