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There are devotees of science who are impatient at every mention of any connection between their favorite branch and the everyday affairs of men. There are those to whom purely scientific attainment is so sacred that any attempt to profane it with suggestion of profit or practical return is sacrilege. While we must admire the unselfish devotion which has prompted men to give their lives to scientific effort without hope or thought of material reward, we must also recognize the fact that the days of exclusiveness are past-that learning is no longer confined to the Cloister of the monk or the den of the savant-and that the greater availability of means and methods of investigation, together with the prospect of practical application of scientific principles, have produced a thirst for knowledge which exists far beyond the walls of the laboratory. Men now seek results from every effort, and on all sides we find scientific principles applied to the profit and the material advantage of man. He employs them to combat disease; to add to his personal comfort and convenience; to preserve or increase the fruits of his labor; and for direct personal profit in the countless industrial pursuits in which these principles are applied.

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