STORM Project

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Gr. 6; Gr. 7; Gr. 8; Gr. Middle school

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Activities and Labs


Environmental science--Experiments; Ecology--Experiments; Atmospheric physics--Experiments;


Unit Learning Objectives: The learner should be able to:

1. Compare and contrast hazardous chemical spills
2. Comprehend how hazardous chemicals affect the environment.
3. Explain the difficulty involved in cleaning up a
hazardous spill.
4. Explain how the chemical travels once it is released.
5. Assess how hazardous chemicals affect the human body and animal life.
6. Analyze a chemical spill and its affects on its
7. Create an emergency management system based on a real life situation

Evidence of Understanding: By the end of this unit, students should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of hazardous chemicals and how they affect the environment and animal life. This will be modeled in an emergency management plan for the clean up of a hazardous chemical. Students will be focused on the impact of chemicals on the environment and human life.

Technology: Students will need access to a computer with internet access and specialprograms, such as imovie, iphoto, power point, etc. They will also need access to a camcorder and a VCR to show they products.

National Science Education Standards: Content Standards

• Standard A – abilities necessary to do scientific
• Standard C – populations and ecosystems
• Standard E – abilities of technological design.
• Standard F – populations, resources and environments, natural hazards,
risks and benefits.
• Standard G – nature of science


Department of Earth Science


STORM Project - Science Center for Teaching, Outreach, and Research on Meteorology

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