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This handbook describes the processes and procedures related to library faculty evaluation at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI). Seven sections cover: (1) overview of the evaluation process; including the role of library faculty; work schedule; purpose of evaluation; role of goals and objectives in evaluation; frequency of evaluation; schedule for application for tenure; and calendar for promotion and tenure; (2) terminal degree requirements for library faculty; (3) qualifications for appointment and promotion to professorial rank and tenure; (4) evaluation procedures; including evaluation of probationary faculty; merit evaluation; promotion and tenure procedures; the Professional Assessment Committee; the Administrative Peer Review Committee; and five-year performance review of the Director of Library Services; (5) evaluation criteria; including librarianship; research/scholarship and creative work; and service; (6) contents and use of the evaluation files and resume; and (7) personnel files. Appendices include: UNI principles and standards for promotion and tenure; conditions of employment; "tenure clock" statement; sample calendar for promotion and tenure; library faculty annual report form; results of annual evaluation of tenure-track faculty form; promotion and tenure cover sheet; Library Professional Assessment Committee procedures; Administrative Peer Review Committee procedures; sample five-year review instrument for director of library services; evaluation file log; and sample resume. (DLS)


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