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Project Description

Unfortunately, my time at Highland Elementary was cut abruptly short due to school closures as a result of COVID-19 . However, I was able to work with a caseload of an average of 10 students. I provided one-on-one therapist sessions once weekly. I worked with them to process trauma, learn how to self-regulate their emotions, work on alleviating problematic behaviors in the classroom, and/or develop coping skills and strategies. More specifically in the sessions, we completed Theraplay Exercises, Sand Tray Therapy, played Emotion Uno, made Stress Balls, etc. I helped determine the needs of the students and helped connect them and their families to resources. I also educated on trauma-informed practices as appropriate. I also planned a community resource fair. We were unable to host the fair due to COVID-19, but I did all the work and made the connections. I also completed the application for a grant for the fair. I am hoping the school uses my materials to host the fair next year. Also, during my internship, I had some major life changes, unexpectedly. I became a mother overnight to my siblings and nieces due to an immediate removal order by DHS/the courts. It was challenging juggling school, court Aspen Olsen - Highland Elementary School dates, dhs involvement, internship, college, state boards, etc. However, I succeeded in the face of adversity and have been embracing the lifestyle change.


Department of Social Work

Community Group

Highland Elementary School

First Advisor

Matthew Vasquez

Date Original

Spring 2020



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Aspen Olsen - Highland Elementary School

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