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Project Description

During my internship, I accomplished many goals that I had. The first goal was to better understand the life of a criminal prosecutor. I sat in on many trials and was able to learn the process of convicting a criminal. By the end of the internship, I was able to understand much more legal terminology than when I started. I also accomplished a few projects in the office that made the prosecutors’ jobs a bit easier. One of those projects was to aid in transferring paper case files to electronic files. The second project was to look up dispositions of domestic abuse cases from January 1st, 2017 through June 30, 2017. The dispositions are needed because they will be attached to a domestic abuse grant proposal. The last thing that I accomplished during my internship was coming to the decision that law is the right career path for me. Dealing with criminal cases on a daily basis never got old and I was always excited to learn whatever I could be taught.


Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

Community Group

Black Hawk County Attorney's Office

First Advisor

James Wertz


2017 summer-fall semesters

Date Original

Summer 2017



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Leanna Mysak - Black Hawk County Attorney's Office



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