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Each year, when high school students register for their next year's schedule of classes, the guidance counselors and teachers of science and mathematics hear the statement, "I don't need science or mathematics for what I plan to do after I graduate." It seems almost impossible to change their minds. One usually says, "You will need it when you get to college or to technical school." But this statement usually falls upon deaf ears because students have made up their minds that in the fields of work to which they aspire they will not need any additional mathematics or science. Besides, statements from science and mathematics teachers are suspect anyway because they are obviously biased. Perhaps some information about "what is needed" in fields other than science or mathematics is necessary to help them in making these serious decisions. A recent check of the catalogs of the three State Universities was done to see what was required of undergraduate students in majors that supposedly do not involve mathematics or science. The following data is self-explanatory provided the student realizes that a five hour course requires a minimum of five contact hours in class per week per semester or quarter.

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October 1975

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Iowa Science Teachers Journal





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