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December 1963

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Iowa Science Teachers' Journal






The Cover (from page 12): In every science classroom a student may expect to discover something he had never seen before. The mimosa plant, which is shown full bloom on the front cover, is an ideal plant for your students to discover. The plant has the strange property of being able to move away, or fold up, whenever is touched. After placing one of these plants in my classroom where all the students could see it, I soon heard the word pass around from one student to another that Mr. Albertson had a strange plant that could move. Soon the students were asking questions about the plant and wanting to know all about it. Now, it was a simple matter to start the study of plants because most of the students were already interested in the subject. The mimosa also has a beautiful purple flower which is strikingly contrasted with its green leaves. Many things from nature are worth placing in a science room, but usually the teacher doesn't have time to collect and present all these things. Students should be encouraged to bring all kinds of nature materials to science class. Just collecting things and bringing them to school is large step in learning how to discover. Students interested in discovering are always good science students.


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