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University of Northern Iowa--Statistics--Periodicals;


Quick Reference Inside Front Cover
Mission Statement 1
UNI Organizational Chart 2
UNI Administration 3
Definitions of Terms Used 4-5
Calendar 6
Fall New Students 9
New Students Enrolled by Residence 11
New Freshmen Enrollment by Residence 12
New Undergraduate Transfer Students by Type of Transfer College 13
New Freshmen ACT Composite Scores and High School Class Rank 14
Fall Students Profile by College 17
Undergraduate Enrollment by Age 20
Undergraduate Headcount by College Fall 21
Undergraduate Transfer Headcount by College Fall 22
Fall Enrollment by Residence 23
Enrollment by Residence 24
Fall Enrollment by Race/Ethnicity 25
Minority Student Enrollment 26
Fall On-Campus Headcount and FTE Enrollment by Level 27
First Major Only by College and Level Fall 28
Annual Degrees Awarded by Level 29
Degrees Granted by College 30
Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates 31
Continuing Education Credit Enrollment Trends 32
Continuing Education Courses Offered 33
Total Living Alumni by College 39
Total Living Alumni by College 40
Alumni by State 41
Alumni by Iowa County 42
Post-Graduation Status of Bachelors Degree Recipients 43
Post-Graduation Status of Graduate Degree Recipients 44
Undergraduate Plans for Further Education 45
Graduate Plans for Further Education 46
Fall Faculty Profile by College 49
Fall Faculty by College, Legal Sex and Tenure Status 50-51
UNI Workforce by Employment Categories 52 UNI Workforce Headcount and FTE by Employment Categories 53
UNI Workforce by Race/Ethnicity 54
New Students UNI Workforce by Employment Categories and Race/Ethnicity 55
UNI Workforce Headcount and FTE by Employment Categories and College 56
UNI Workforce Headcount by Employment Categories, Legal Sex and New Student Applications, Admissions and Enrolled10 College Fall 57
UNI Workforce by Employment Categories, Level and College Fall 58
UNI Workforce by Employment Categories, Level and Legal Sex Fall 59
UNI Temporary Workforce Headcount and FTE by Employment Categories 60
Budget and Finance Enrollment Statement of Revenues, Expenses and Changes In Net Assets 63-64
Financial Aid Programs by Source of Aid 65
Student Financial Aid Programs 66
Full-Time Undergraduate Student Tuition and Fees 67
Full-Time Graduate Student Tuition and Fees 68
Sponsored Project Proposals and Awards 69
General Information Library Statistics 73-74
International Students by Country 75
International Students by College 76
Top 5 Countries of Origin for International Students 77
UNI Study Abroad Students by College and Classification 78
UNI Study Abroad Students by Term 79
Incoming International Exchange Students by Country 80
Top 5 Countries for UNI Study Abroad Students 81
UNI Services to Businesses, Communities and Local Government 82
Iowa Economic Profile 84
Alumni Peer Institutions
Undergraduate Enrollment and Costs 87
Faculty by Rank 88
Faculty Average Salaries by Rank 89
Undergraduates Receiving Student Financial Aid 90
Retention and Graduation Rates 91
Degrees Granted in Academic Year 92
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University of Northern Iowa


Cedar Falls, IA

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University of Northern Iowa Fact Book, 2019-2020



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