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Hawkeye Community College (commonly referred to as "Hawkeye" in the remainder of this thesis), is located in Waterloo, Iowa, which is in the northeastern county of Black Hawk. Hawkeye had a Fall 2009 enrollment total of 6,343 students. Only 107 of these students were of Latino background, which is about 2% of total enrollment (Hawkeye, 2009). In Spring 2010, this number increased to 127 Latino students out of 6,292 total students; this is notable as in a typical spring semester, the number of students at the college decreases from the fall semester (Hawkeye, 2010). This increase could be a result of a number of factors: layoffs, economic conditions, or increased recruiting efforts. However, Latinos make up over 3% of the Black Hawk County population, so it is obvious that this group still has a great amount of potential as a key audience of potential students for Hawkeye Community College.

Therefore, I chose to work with Hawkeye for my thesis project in order to develop a marketing campaign that is targeted toward Latino families with high school and college-aged students living in Black Hawk and surrounding counties. With this marketing campaign, I hope to increase the number of Latino students who are looking at Hawkeye Community College as a possible opportunity for them either immediately or a couple years after their high school graduation. As far as a long-term goal, I intend to help increase enrollment numbers of this potential student population in the next 5 years for Hawkeye.

The research that I did for this project helped me to get a better understanding of this population as a whole. I evaluated a number of sources that helped me to assess the main reasons why members of this population chose not to enroll in institutions of higher education like Hawkeye Community College. I found that both family responsibility and family attachment presented issues to this population when it came to pursuing their education, and I wanted to incorporate this knowledge into my project. Therefore, I chose to use a family-focused campaign, rather than one aimed specifically at students in this population, because I realized that it was important for an educational decision to include the whole family.

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