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Jay Edelnant


My honors thesis project took the creative/performance-oriented form. I embarked on (in the words of my advisor, Jay Edelnant) a "self-pedagogical case-study centered on role preparation." My task was to prepare the role of Cathy from the musical The Last Five Years using a process I developed based on combining my musical and theatre training with outside resources.

I chose to do this project for my honors thesis for many reasons. First of all, I was always looking for more opportunities to do musical theatre. I have learned that in order to get anything you want in life, and especially in art, you have to be a go-getter. Instead of waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap, you have to search for them, and sometimes make your own. I hoped that through this project I would not only reinforce this idea for myself, but inspire other students to take their goals into their own hands.

In creating this opportunity for myself to play a role in a musical, I wanted to make sure I was choosing a role that would help me grow. I wanted to play a character with whom I could connect deeply. I needed a role that would both challenge me to expand and develop my vocal skills, and allow me to really dive into the acting - my main focus in school - and bring to the stage a substantial slice of the human experience. There is no point in performing if one doesn't consider the audience, so I needed to make sure their experience would be worthwhile. I wanted to entertain them of course, but I also wanted to inspire them, connect with them, and leave them with something to think about.

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