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English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers; Education, Bilingual;


English Language Learning (ELL) is a rapidly growing category of students in education, but is not one that is a main focus among researchers. This presents an issue, because many schools are seeing a growth in the ELL population, and they are not prepared to educate this diverse group of students. It is generally agreed upon that English Language Learners require some differentiation in the teaching structure in order to effectively succeed in the classroom, but the use of these teaching strategies are highly varied, if they are used at all (Teale, 2009). This increasingly prominent educational issue deserves to be examined so that ELL students can receive the best and most appropriate instruction. There are many different strategies and practices of bilingual education that have already been put into use, but have not been largely evaluated based on the successes and shortcomings of the various methods. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of these bilingual teaching strategies in order to identify and isolate the factors that appear to directly influence the academic successes of English Language Learners.

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