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Iowa. Dept. of Education. Senior Year Plus Program; Dual enrollment--Iowa; College-school cooperation--Iowa; High school enrollment--Iowa; College attendance--Iowa;


Iowa’s public institutions graduate students with the sixth highest student loan debt in the nation (Project on Student Debt, 2008). As a result, Iowa Governor Chet Culver has proposed the Senior Year Plus Program, which is a state-funded dual-enrollment program. This program’s purpose is to help alleviate the debts students incur while attending college. However, there are no examinations to this point that focus on the financial, as well as the personal and professional developmental benefits of the program, particularly in comparison to the four-year institution. The current research utilized a qualitative research design. Ten (5 Dual-Enrollers/5 Non-Dual Enrollers) participants currently enrolled at a four-year institution in Iowa were interviewed. Significant themes and insights emerged that highlighted a need to reconsider the investment made in this program in terms of financial gain, which was related to length of enrollment, as well as the holistic developmental benefits available to students who enroll in the Senior Year Plus Program.

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