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Good writing starts with good teachers. Being a good teacher of writing involves understanding the most effective practices of writing. These effective practices are brought together through the implementation of the writing workshop in classrooms, although there will be slight variations from one author or educator to the next. Having a firm understanding of the writing workshop is a foundation for teaching writing in any elementary grade. The writing workshop is a teaching framework that allows children to learn to use the writing process, which consists of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. The various components of the workshop (mini-lessons, writing time, conferences, and sharing) are designed to give the students guided experiences with the various parts of the process.

There is an assortment of research that has been done relating to the writing workshop. However, it seems as though the research has mainly been carried out by highly experienced teachers or researchers who have not taught in classrooms. This research is greatly valuable; however, it is not always relatable to new teachers or those unfamiliar with this workshop process. The purpose of this thesis was to gain an understanding of the writing workshop approach through viewing its implementation in a local elementary classroom taught by a teacher new to this approach. Observations were done to find similarities and differences between this particular example of the writing workshop and how it is discussed in literature ..

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