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Amanda McCandless


Armenia has a rich cultural and musical history. The Armenian folk music tradition, developed over many centuries, is of great national significance to the Armenian people. Among other instruments, the clarinet has enjoyed a prominent place in the folk music tradition of Armenia. This project discusses the Armenian folk music elements in the clarinet chamber works Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Aram Khachaturian and Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Alexander Arutiunian. There are three sections of research: the study of Armenian folk music, the study of folk elements in the pieces by Khachaturian and Arutiunian, and the interpretation of the pieces and application to the clarinet. This research studies Armenian folk music and its characteristics, as described in written sources, as well as the compositional styles of Khachaturian and Arutiunian. Specific elements of the Armenian folk music tradition and their inclusion in these works were examined through listening to recordings and score study. The information gathered through this study produces a convincing interpretation of Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Khachaturian and Suite for Clarinet, Violin and Piano by Arutiunian.

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