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Teaching human relations in schools is the only way to insure egocentrism is left for altruism. That is, to insure that people start to think of others instead of only themselves (Lane, 109). Many people have lost any obligation to serve anyone beyond themselves (Damon, 38). Students feel less responsible for their actions today, than in the past. Teaching students a sense of altruism is the only way to ensure that both new and current world knowledge of facts, concepts, and inventions are used to relieve suffering, as President Truman described, and not to cause it (Lane, 89).

Therefore, human relations is the basis for all other content needed in our curriculum and serves as the foundation for all content areas (Lane, 106). This does not mean, however, that teaching human relations skills should replace instructional time or necessary material in other content areas; they should be integrated into all subjects to expose students to appropriate human relations behaviors in all aspects of life in a society. Human relations is important, but should not be the primary focus of national education. "It should not interfere with the school's responsibility to ensure our children's mastery of American literate culture" (Hirsch, 18). Students need knowledge of facts, ideas, concepts, and principles in order to apply human relations skills in real life. Students need to gain more knowledge and learn to use that knowledge to help others and get along with individuals of every culture (Lane, 117).

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