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Ronnie Bankston


Video recordings—Production and direction; University of Northern Iowa--Marketing;


My project entitled, The University Northern Iowa Honors Program and You, was meant to be a promotional video for the honors program here at UNI. The purpose behind my project was twofold.

The first reason why I choose to make this my final thesis project was that I wanted to learn how to use the Avid Express editing system. The Avid is a widely used program throughout the video production industry and I thought that this presented me the perfect opportunity to get some real hands on experience using a system that is so widely used by professionals in the video editing industry. By learning how to use the Avid editing program I would be able to gain valuable experience that will help me out later on in my professional career.

The second reason that I choose this for my thesis project is that I wanted to use my video production experience that I have gained during my time here at UNI to produce a promotional video for the university's honors program. I wanted to make a video that could be shown to incoming students as a way to help persuade qualified students to join the honors program. I really believe in the benefits that the honors program gives students throughout their college career. I also wanted to do a little something and give back to the program that has done so much for me throughout my college experience. Throughout my college years, my honors courses have been some of the most engaging, challenging, and rewarding classes that I have taken here at the University of Northern Iowa. I just wanted to spread the word of the benefits of the honors program in hopes that more students would see the video want to join and participate in all that the honors program has to offer.

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