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Troubadours--History; Women lyricists--History; Sex role in music; Troubadour songs--History; Rock music--1981-1990--History;


From 1000 CE to 1250 CE in Occitan, a literary tradition developed in the culture of the nobility and the courts. The courtly lyric tradition grew out of a unique cultural setting that allowed for the growth of a group of poets known as troubadours to write their courtly love lyrics in praise of the idealized lover. These were performed at the courts for the nobility as a source of entertainment and dealt with themes of angst, jealousy, and of course, love, among others. These troubadours produced a large number of works, in a wide range of genres, such as the basic cansos, but including genres such as sirventes and tensos. There is a small sub-section of these works, however, that were produced by women authors. These female troubadours have been collectively dubbed „the trobairitz,‟ and have been typically treated by scholarship as both Other from their male counterparts as well as collectively analyzed as though they were one author, rather than examining how they interacted with and ultimately contributed to the larger body of troubadour work.

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