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Justin Holmes, Honors Thesis Advisor


The U.S. presidential election not only grabs a lot of media attention from the United States, but it also catches the attention of media from around the world. How does the foreign media portray the U.S. presidential election? This study seeks to answer a piece of this question through an analysis of media sources in Costa Rica and Nicaragua in the hopes of better informing audiences on the potential frames their media be constructing their information through. The analysis considers the tone, along with the articles’ conversations of policy and personality of the candidates. After selecting 10 articles from each country surrounding the U.S. presidential election, it was determined that there was no major difference regarding personality and policy discussions, and in general the Costa Rican media source, La Nacion, had a more positive tone than the Nicaraguan media source, Nicavison.

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Department of Political Science

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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