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Marek Sliwinski, Honors Thesis


The first Archaea that were studied by scientists came from extreme environments such as fissures at the bottom of oceans where hydrothermal vents formed. It was perhaps surprising that later sampling of environmental DNA revealed Archaea inhabit normal environments as well, for example they are globally distributed in soils. These mesophilic soil species were only recently grown in laboratory pure cultures. In this study, we will expand on this work by feeding the community of soil microbes with various dilutions of tryptic soy broth and other complex media in combination with an antibiotic regime. This will allow us to compare how Archaea in the soil react to culture media with a variety of carbon and nitrogen sources. Determining whether premixed media can stimulate the growth of Archaeal or that premixed media is toxic to Archaea, will direct future researchers on how to grow and study the soil archaeal community in a controlled setting.

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