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Recipient of the 2021 Mary Ann Bolton Undergraduate Research Award - Runner-up.

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Year of Award

2021 Award


Open Access Honors Program Thesis

First Advisor

Rebecca Dickinson, Honors Thesis Advisor


Social work education; Minorities—Education (Higher);


As part of a social work program’s accreditation process, social work programs across the United States are now being asked to assess their implicit curriculum, defined as the educational environment in which the explicit curriculum is presented, as new evidence has shown that implicit curriculum plays an important role in the learning, development, and professional outcome of social work students. Following the wake of a series of student diversity-related injustices across the state of Iowa, our team set out to create an implicit curriculum survey tool shaped by the experiences, concerns, and feedback presented by students within the social work department. The results showed that students felt that the department needs to make more of an effort to recruit diverse faculty, staff, and students, train faculty to facilitate safe classroom discussions, and design a curriculum that explicitly discusses and addresses issues of oppressed communities.

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Department of Social Work

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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