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Aleksandar Poleksic, Honors Thesis Advisor, Computer Science Department


Drugs--Side effects--Databases; Databases--Design;


One of the most important complications encountered during the development, testing, and administering of prescription medications is the adverse drug reactions (ADRs) that such medications can cause. To further complicate matters, treatments containing multiple drugs can cause ADRs to appear that are not prevalent in any of the single drugs that make up the treatment, or cause the ADRs to appear in differing probabilities or frequencies. Therefore, having this information available to those prescribing medication or creating a treatment plan is of utmost importance and could help in creating the optimal treatment for any particular patient.

This project involved creating a user interface and a query system to retrieve information from various matrices. This system will not only provide the information to the user but also allow the user to interact with the data in various ways in order to simplify the process of mitigating ADRs. The system will also ensure that the proper medications will compose the treatment determined. The final deliverable is a Python file that takes 1 -3 drugs and a p-value tolerance threshold and returns unique ADRs not found in lesser combinations, as well as a user interface written in Java that simplifies this process.

The main findings were that implementing hash tables could be utilized to increase time efficiency, but that parallelizing the program would probably have diminishing returns. The conclusion was to implement the program using Java and to include the features provided. The time complexity will be quadratic to the data at start-up, but the size of the data will not change. Furthermore, once the hash tables are initialized, running time will become linear.

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Department of Computer Science

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