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Bilingualism in children; Communicative disorders in children; Speech therapist and patient; Students, Foreign;


For many speech-language pathologists, it is difficult to truly understand the experience a child goes through when they have a communication disorder. Especially when at the same time, a child is learning a new language in an unfamiliar culture. This thesis bridges that gap of understanding by comparing the experience of a bilingual child with a communication disorder and that of a college student studying abroad in a language immersion program. It reviews and compares various literature and studies describing the language characteristics (i.e., form, content, use, and behavior) of bilingual children with a communication disorder. These characteristics are then compared to responses gathered from interviews conducted with college students who had studied abroad and were able to share personal reports and reflections. This thesis will encourage empathy and increased awareness so that speech-language pathologists and anyone who works with a diverse population will be able to offer quality services that are more sensitive to a bilingual/multicultural client‟s needs.

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