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Steve O’Kane


Evolution--Religious aspects; Bible and evolution;


Evolution has been a widely studied and debated topic for centuries. Since the days of Greek philosophy, humans have been curious about the diversity of life and how it arose to what we see today. Interest in evolution flourished during the days of Charles Darwin when he and Alfred Russel Wallace developed the concept of natural selection. Now, evolution is an integral part of many scientific studies, especially genetics, developmental biology, geology, behavior studies and social sciences. According to Muhammad Ashraf, evolution can be considered ‘the cornerstone of modern science’ (Ashraf, 2016). On what would have been Darwin’s 201st birthday, the Huffington Post wrote an article in his honor regarding the importance of evolution in everyday life. They listed the medical implications of evolution such as the development of vaccines and medications. The development of knowledge about diseases in humans and other species can also be attributed to the study of evolution. Other fields that have grown with the integration of evolution are agriculture, forensics, and bioengineering. As reported by the Huffington Post, we have grown our understanding of the connection between humans and other species, the diversity of life, and other natural processes by studying the mechanisms of evolution (Newton, 2011).

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Department of Biology

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Fall 2018

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