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Elise DuBord, advisor


Intercultural communication; Cross-cultural orientation;


This paper studies major works that contribute to the knowledge of the formation of cultural values and how those values are influential in the context of business, especially when it comes to international management. As the world becomes more globalized, business organizations face new challenges as members encounter cross-cultural situations. Experts on international management and leading scholars on culture and business Alfons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner (2012) explained that the “internationalization of business life requires more knowledge of cultural patterns” (p.6). It is no longer sufficient for business people to ignore their own culture, and to understand and accept the differences of cultures other than their own. This paper examines the various dimensions of culture, the application of clustering national cultures, and the impact of culture differences on communication. A case study for a specific situation of intercultural communication is also described within this work. The potential case study would show the perspectives of Colombian business professionals on the presence and influence of cultural values when interacting with English-speakers in the workplace.

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