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Matthew Bunker

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Marty Hansen


Electronic games; Prediction of scholastic success; College students;


With the emergence of gaming as an ever more popular pass time, and professional level eSports gaining steam, collegiate student organizations are beginning to reflect this change as well. This study of 166 college students from across the United States addresses the rise of gaming organizations and their subsequent effects of collegiate academics, namely grade point averages (GPA). The results suggest that participation in an organization dedicated to gaming results in a slightly lower GPA than those involved in other organizations, but still higher than average pointing towards factors of involvement still benefiting students. An important factor to note is that students who report playing electronic games Once or Twice a month actually showed the highest GPA of all participants. This suggest that if gaming organizations can host events targeted at students who seldom play electronic games normally, overall GPA’s will actually increase.

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Department of Marketing

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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