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Tammy Gregersen, advisor


Language and languages--Study and teaching;


Foreign language anxiety develops when a student feels under pressure or uncomfortable in a foreign language-learning situation often because they are cognizant of their inability to project themselves in their target language as they do in their first. As a result, students may become nervous or overwhelmed and fear speaking in the target language. Many researchers and educators have recommended strategies to help students manage their foreign language anxiety. To continue expanding on these ideas, the purpose of this research is to investigate whether focusing on and using personal strengths will mitigate students’ foreign language anxiety and help improve their classroom performance. Students rarely dedicate enough time to the self-reflection needed to discover their strongest attributes, so this study provided them with scaffolded self-reflection through narrative frame stories composed of sentence starters and connectives. Students were asked to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts and reflections. In this study, participants creatively used their strengths to improve their language learning.

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Department of Languages and Literatures

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