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Tammy Gregersen


Culturally relevant pedagogy; Chinese students--United States; College students--United States;


Culturally responsive teaching or CRT has gained popularity as a teaching method in the United States as classrooms continue to grow in diversity. Teachers, as a result, have been compelled to develop more effective teaching methods in order to ensure success for all students. The purpose of this research is to investigate the use and effectiveness of culturally responsive teaching specifically for adult Chinese students in the United States both in language learning (ESL) and mainstream college classroom settings. Prior research has largely addressed CRT professional development and methods for teaching CRT in the classroom but has left a void in student perspective and culture specific methodology. As a result, this study aimed to interview Chinese students (both in ESL and mainstream classes) and professors who teach or have taught a Chinese population (in ESL and mainstream contexts) in order to discover what Chinese culture specific CRT has been taught by professors, and how Chinese students perceive this teaching. This study identified multiple Chinese culture specific methods of CRT and additionally found that a lack of knowledge of Chinese culture and CRT at the mainstream class level has the potential to alienate Chinese students. This situation calls for the need to raise awareness of culturally responsive teaching practices in the mainstream college classroom

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Department of Languages and Literatures

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