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Brian Warby


Educational equalization--Cross-cultural studies; Educational equalization--Illinois--Chicago; Educational equalization--South Africa--Johannesburg;


Variances in the quality of education between schools in the same metropolitan areas have been noted around the world, and researchers have speculated on several causes. In order to study the specific impacts of funding gaps, lower numbers and qualifications of teachers, and lack of resources for students learning English, the cities of Johannesburg and Chicago were compared and contrasted. Both cities contained areas with very high quality schools and isolated neighborhoods where schools generally had fewer resources and lower test scores. This research shows that the problems in both cities mirror one another to an extent. Schools systems in each city experience large gaps between the per student monetary allocations in suburban and urban/township schools. These differences affect the abilities of schools to hire teachers, provide supports to their students, and assist individuals facing unique obstacles, like those learning English proficiency. Overall, these similarities will show that inequalities in the school systems of both cities exist and produce similar results.

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Department of Political Science

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