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Randy Grabowski


Trumpet players--Sex differences; Sex role in music;


The area of classical trumpet performance has been primarily regarded as a masculine profession and many are surprised to be informed of or stumble upon some of the great female trumpeters of our time. Since the gender of trumpet players is seemingly one-sided, it is important to note to what degree, if any, gender impacts this profession. The goal of this research is to use experiences and opinions of prominent female trumpet players to identify the role of gender in classical trumpet performance from the standpoint of musical expression and approaches to performance. In order to carry out these goals, interviews were conducted via written questionnaires with prominent female classical trumpet players in order to gauge what they believe to be the impact of gender on their profession. The study analyzes the differences the participants perceived between their approach to musicianship and that of their male peers and/or colleagues. Individual participants were chosen on the basis of career and success in the field. This study explores the experiences of these professional women while explaining the variances and emphasizing the similarities in their responses. The end result of this study, taking the form of a journalistic view of the experiences and views of these women, serves to bring to light this minority population within the field of trumpet performance and show that there is no such thing as playing like a girl: only playing like an individual.

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A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the designation University Honors

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