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Sarah Montgomery


Mindfulness (Psychology); Meditation for children; Awareness--Study and teaching;


Teachers are placed with the difficult task of transferring knowledge to the next generation of leaders. This knowledge transfer can be measured in various ways. What cannot be easily quantified is the impact of the life skills taught to accomplish this handoff of reading, writing and math skills. Often times, teachers are the role model of how a student can cope with life inside and outside of the classroom. Teaching mindfulness in the classroom is a powerful method that shows students how to self-regulate emotions in order to cope with whatever life brings them. These life skills are essential for guiding the next generation of leaders.

The purpose of this study was to explore the ways that mindfulness practices can support the needs of students and specifically how educators have integrated mindfulness practices into their teaching. The goal was to provide a comprehensive piece on mindfulness for educators who are interested in the practice and provide resources for them to begin their journey.

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