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Steve Carignan


University of Northern Iowa. School of Music--Curricula; University of Northern Iowa. School of Music--Evaluation;


This paper seeks to examine the elements that make an effective and high quality School of Music that prepares students for success beyond graduation. Through interviews with University of Northern Iowa (UNI) School of Music faculty, a deeper understanding of the skills and knowledge currently emphasized in the music core at UNI was gained. A survey of UNI School of Music alumni provided an understanding of how well the current mix of skills and knowledge align with those that are necessary in the work force. Through this research, an understanding of the skills and knowledge required to work in the music industry was more clearly gained, and changes to the School of Music’s existing curriculum that will support those careers were identified. This research is significant because it makes a critical analysis of the existing program, which, if addressed, will improve the effectiveness of UNI students upon entering the workforce.

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